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MAY DAY 2001

Everyone has the right to
work, to free choice of
employment, to just and
favourable conditions of
work and protection
against unemployment.to
pay for equal work.to just and favourable remuneration ensuring for
him/herself and his/her family an existence worthy of human dignity.to form
join trade unions.

ARTICLE 23, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

If these are really our rights, as agreed by everyone 50 years ago, what is
going on? No other right is more universally ignored than the right to work,
with unemployment affecting enormous numbers of people in every country.
Governments in all countries are acting to prevent this basic right for their
people, and instead seek to keep a pool of unemployed as a threat to those
in work. This has effectively weakened the worker movement.

In the developed countries, business has convinced people that they are
consumers rather than workers, that trade unions are 'out of date', and that
they should concentrate on chiseling out their individual career path from
the fragments of work available. In developing countries, governments have
told people they are lucky to have an exhausting, dangerous, repetitive job
that pays them $3 or less a day and their protests at exploitation by
multinational corporations are met with state-sanctioned violence. In Burma,
people are forced into labour by the military, leaving the workers with no
time, energy or money to earn enough food to live on. In Nepal, women are
trafficked as sex workers. In Pakistan children are sold into bonded labour.
The unemployment rate in Indonesia stands at 17 per cent.

There is increasing evidence of the Governments, businesses and work
systems failing to ensure the people their right to work, or to work that treats

them as humans. The challenge this May Day for the workers' movement,
religious groups, human rights activists, political groups and all people who
care about humanity is to work together to ensure that the fundamental,
universal right to dignified work is realised in our time.

Our Company

This is where we will explain our company background and describe how we got to where we are today. For example, we might talk about how long we have been in business, or any awards or honors we have won. We might also talk about our dedicated staff, and the importance of customer satisfaction.


All Australians between 17 and
20,employed or unemployed are
eligible to join the GREEN
CORPS,for 6 months accredited
training and work experience.

There is a wide variety of environmental and
heritage conservation work on this scheme.

Another scheme operating gets considerably more
attention from the Australian Government - THE
WORK FOR THE DOLE - this scheme forces people to
work in return for their welfare benefits,which
results in a less than happy work environment,as
participants only attend because they have to or
lose the meagre amount of income security that
they receive.

Are there enough women in the

I will attempt to answer this
soon,meanwhile email me with your

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